Split Rock golf course

Market your course with video

Jun 13, 2019

The famed sales trainer and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, brought the concept to everyman language when he said, "All things being equal, people buy from their friends." He then added, "All things not being equal, people still buy from their friends." It seems like common sense, but "relationship marketing" was considered an innovative breakthrough a generation ago.

It seems simple, but if a course operator wants to sell tee times to golfers, he should try and build friendships with golfers in his area. That's precisely what John Brewer Jr., General Manager of Split Rock Golf Club in Orient, Ohio, has been doing for years. Only now he's using short videos as a high-powered, revenue-driving tool in that effort. Teaming up with his Plus Specialist from GOLF Business Solutions, Melissa De La Paz, Brewer has been planning, producing and posting weekly videos, then tracking the results and continually refining strategy.

"A local company that does video production and marketing for small businesses made a presentation to us that included some of the results they could deliver, in terms of click-throughs and likes and so forth," says Brewer. "The numbers were basically the same as what we're achieving on our own, in our work with Melissa, so that was very satisfying to see."

Golfers who follow "The Rock" on Facebook enjoy the videos and don't mind Brewer's straight-forward approach.

"We're doing this to start a conversation with our customers and see where it leads," says Brewer." It's personal. It's not fancy in the least, and maybe that's why people come into the shop and start talking about our videos and ask us what we're planning to do next."

All marketing and selling should conclude with a call-to-action—that's the accepted wisdom. However, in relationship marketing, the action isn't necessarily a purchase. Earlier this season, Brewer worked with De La Paz on a video promoting a used-ball drive that resulted in some 20 golfers showing up to donate buckets of shag balls that had been gathering dust in their garages.

"We had an unexpected range ball shortage, and I know for a fact that half our players have a big stash of scuffed balls they can't seem to toss out," explains Brewer. "We put out our request via video and got a great response. Everybody was talking about it—that's the whole point anyway, the back and forth interaction."

Mike Hendrix, Vice President of Business Services at GOLF Business Solutions, agrees entirely with the Split Rock concept of video that is sincerely personal. The point of it is making a genuine connection, not an action-driven message that a typical marketer would use.

"When you are selling golf," says Hendrix, "you're basically inducing a person to do the thing they want to do. They want to engage with their favorite activity in their ideal environment. So, let's just get the engagement process started—and video is the tool for that. It's natural and easy to consume video—especially on your smartphone, which is where so much content gets consumed today."

Led by Hendrix and Plus Specialist Gabriela Vaughan, the GOLF Business Solutions team recently introduced Clubhouse Bulletin, a video newsletter customized for private clubs as a way for them to connect with members. The natural ease and charm of Bailey Mosier, a GOLF Channel studio host, supply those qualities. Mosier fronts (and co-produces) these customized "video newsletters" for the top clubs now enrolled in the program.

By using broadcast-quality production elements, with the GOLF Channel Newsroom as a backdrop, a Clubhouse Bulletin segment holds a viewer's attention as it delivers engaging content—news, events, and important updates. Other production values include professional course imagery, a scrolling information ticker, and club-specific branding in each video.

"Club GMs and officers will view a sample segment and assume there's a high cost to get involved," says Hendrix. "But the cost of entry for a club to add this powerful communication tool and really build engagement is very reasonable." While it's generally a means of connecting with and retaining the existing member, Clubhouse Bulletin enrollment also allows a club to create an outreach video showcasing it for potential new members.

Humans are wired to process information visually–it's how our brains work. Golfers are wired to enjoy their experiences at your course or club by personally connecting with the people who provide them with service and a great product. Short videos inviting viewers to come and enjoy themselves will make a strong impression—and produce business results.

To discover more about Clubhouse Bulletin and what it can do for your course, CLICK HERE.

Shingle Creek Golf Club in Orlando benefits from the Premium Marketing Program

Premium Marketing Program fills tee sheets

Jun 11, 2019

For anyone attempting to fill a tee sheet, the gold standard in digital marketing is GOLF Business Solutions' Premium Marketing Program - an enhanced-marketing program exclusive to online tee time sales. It's been around since 2011 and continues to gain a stronghold in the marketplace.

Eligible partner courses who invest in PMP benefit from a wide array of advantageous placements and optimized positioning. The most significant advantage is top placement among the search results seen by golfers when shopping online in a particular market. That top placement has enough prominence to be a real advantage.

As an added new feature, PMP provides a newly redesigned way for participating courses to show up on the Destinations page. This top-of-page placement is sure to catch the eye of any golfer traveling outside his or her home base.

"What the golfer sees is high-res imagery and information about the property, funneling the user directly to the course's inventory page to facilitate the booking," says Matt Guy, Senior Manager of Sales Operations for GOLF Business Solutions. "Previously, the up-top placement of the PMP partner had a banner-ad look. We've moved to a tile-type design that creates a solo spotlight position above the fold."

PMP golf courses are part of an exclusive group, with just over 1,300 enrolled in the program. Being a good fit is all about how engaged and energized an operator is, and whether his/her strategic ideas align with the concepts on which PMP is based.

The product development team at GOLFNOW has tweaked and improved the program steadily, using performance analytics along with feedback from course operators. The revenue record over that period tells a compelling tale of effectiveness.

“When you look at the before-and-after for a course that joins PMP, the average revenue increase within the GOLFNOW booking platform is 30 percent,” says Guy. “Courses in the program get seen online very prominently, as part of a rotation. At times they will be shown exclusively. The overall result is much-improved click-through to completed bookings.”

The majority of current PMP golf courses have been on the platform for multiple years without interruption, according to Guy. “When a spot opens, the GOLFNOW rep in that geographic area will generally have several courses in mind as a replacement.” A belief in optimizing revenue through effective use of dynamic pricing is a primary indicator of strong potential as a PMP partner.

PMP courses are also featured in daily emails to the platform’s golfer database, which is geo-based. A significant benefit appears in the “Best Bets” email. This email is exclusive to the PMP level of partnership, which makes you the only option that the golfer arriving with cash in hand will see.

“That’s 100 percent share of voice,” says Ryan Heaton, Director of Sales Operations for GOLF Business Solutions, with emphasis on the once-weekly email, “which by any measure is a huge value.” In addition to that exclusive Best Bets positioning, participating courses also gain access to the “Book Early” email. It spotlights PMP partners and is delivered to golfers’ inboxes based on their booking behavior and similar course interests.

Similarly, there is a “stay and play” page on GOLF Advisor for every market. Although best suited to resorts, any PMP course that finds a lodging partner can provide that information to its GOLFNOW rep. Then, package links are set up so that customers get routed directly to the hotel partner and are supplied with a code to book right then and there. “Listing yourself on the stay and play page will result in a lot of very relevant impressions,” says Heaton.

There’s also the potential to get exposure on GOLF Channel’s “Morning Drive” show as well as promotion on social media postings that reach 175,000 golfers who follow GOLFNOW on the big three platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To make a move to GOLF Business Solutions’ Premier Marketing Program, you must be well-positioned and ready to try to maximize the facility you’ve worked so hard to build and beautify. PMP is unmatched in today’s marketplace. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Golf Advisor reviewer

GOLF Advisor - why ratings and reviews matter

May 28, 2019

When was the last time you spent money without first checking reviews and ratings online? Verifying what others think of the product or service has become integral to the buying process. It’s true for washing machines, hotels, restaurants, shoes and plumbers. It’s even true for golf courses.

Mike Lowe, Vice President and General Manager of GOLF Advisor, has been involved since it’s inception with golf’s leading source of course ratings and reviews.“We saw the potential for user-generated reviews and built a great foundation on GOLFNOW,” he said. “Within a year of our launch as a separate brand in February 2014, GOLF Advisor already had become the internet’s leader, having aggregated nearly 300,000 reviews.”

GOLF Advisor

GOLF Advisor’s rapid trajectory has continued hosting nearly 900,000 reviews covering more than 15,000 courses worldwide. They’ve recently expanded GOLF Advisor's travel footprint through a new GOLF Channel television series, hosted trips and more. These offerings ensure golfers deciding where they want to play next will begin that search at GOLF Advisor and GOLFNOW.

To benefit users, GOLF Advisor expands its content offerings well beyond merely posting user-generated reviews. Trust is essential, says Lowe. “When you’re on GOLF Advisor versus Yelp or others, you are getting expert editorial from our writers. These ratings and reviews from the experts are matched up with peer-to-peer reviews. Additionally, from our angle, you know that the golfer giving five stars on the course you are looking at is John Smith who is 55 to 64 years old with a three handicap. It gives you, the golfer, the best of both worlds — reviews from experts and from the actual golfer that you relate to. When our writers say you can expect a great experience, you can see if golfers like you are saying the same thing.”

That attention to high-quality content has paid off. “When we launched we had no presence in the search engine rankings,” Lowe said.

“Today, a major percentage of our traffic comes from search. We rank extremely well for destinations and also really well for golf courses. That strong SEO presence not only is great for getting new customers, but also, once that golfer finds us, they use us as one of their stops. They look to us for advice.”

There is no question that ratings and reviews of your course matter on GOLF Advisor. Lowe says his team is blunt in explaining that fact to operators who may take a casual approach to customer reviews or ignore them altogether.

“It’s free, there is no cost to them to respond to reviews, change photos, feature their strongest characteristics and so forth," he continued. "They can choose to engage or not to engage. But the fact is we see the golf courses who do get involved really benefit.”

Mission Inn Resort & Club in Orlando can attest to the benefits. “To say that the GOLF Advisor reviews and ratings have helped the resort is quite an understatement,” said Drew Toth, director of sales and marketing. “Golf rounds and golf package growth are up substantially.”

Michael Bowery, director of golf for Mission Inn, echoed that view. “We have a whole mix of business we have cultivated over the years — corporate business, golf tournaments, fundraising events. When we get everyone together before a shotgun start, I’ll share the story about how special this place is. When I tell them they are about to play El Campeón and it is consistently a top-rated golf course in the state of Florida on GOLF Advisor that gets their attention.”

Bowery pointed out Mission Inn’s exemplary ratings and reviews on GOLF Advisor are a key element in the selling process.

“The tough part is getting the golfers’ attention and getting them out here. Once they get here and experience Mission Inn, they come back. I mean, we have a group that has returned every year for 43 years. But when people are planning a golf event in Orlando, and they see our rankings are so high, they add us to their rotation. Ratings and reviews are the most powerful part of the marketing mix,” Toth said simply.

To maximize its power, you must nourish your connection to the golfer and engage them in the review. Thanking someone for complimenting your course goes a long way to cementing a loyal customer relationship. And when a golfer cites something that was lacking in his or her experience with your course? Acknowledging the customer’s issue directly, perhaps even offering a bounce back round at a discount, is a proven way to restore a customer’s perception. Their review is also feedback to guide what to fix at your facility, especially if you see the same complaint more than once.

Lowe likes to remind operators — especially those concerned about negative reviews — that the overall average for courses is 3.9 stars out of five. “Most golfers are sharing great experiences. And on those occasions where there may have been a bad review because of course condition or a temporary situation at the facility, our algorithm heavily weighs the most recent six months. A bad review in the past isn’t going to poison your rating forever.”

Whether it’s mitigating a less-than-stellar review or upping your ratings review game and reaping the rewards, Lowe offers some simple advice any operation can start employing today:

“Enthusiastically and consistently solicit reviews.”

Reviews are valuable currency, and the more you have, the better. Remind golfers throughout your facility. “Print up business cards that ask golfers to visit GOLF Advisor and rate their round,” Lowe said. Have your cart and bag drop staff pass the cards out. Train them to ask every customer about his or her round and ask for the review. Some operations have iPads available so employees can ask for the review right there with the customer.

“And most importantly train all of your staff to greet guests, communicate politely and deliver top-shelf service. I work with some courses that reward any employee who gets called out in a review by name. That’s one way to incentivize great service and ensure a great review,” says Lowe.

Finally, Lowe advises all courses to put their best foot forward on GOLF Advisor by updating photos and content and to dedicate some time daily to engaging with reviewers. Two-way conversation is your opportunity to thank customers, acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake and show every potential customer the experience they can expect.

Discover more about how GOLF Advisor can boost your business today! LEARN MORE >>



G1 technology creates better options for golf courses

Jun 13, 2019

Cloud-based technology in golf course management has become more common today, but finding a management system that provides the mobility to manage from anywhere at any time, and enables operators to know their golfers better and puts them at the center of the experience is vital. Listen to industry professionals from GolfNorth and Twelve Stones Golf Club about how G1 has improved the way they do business.

To learn more about G1, CLICK HERE.

Golf technology on-the-go

Mobile golf course technology creates a seamless operator experience

May 29, 2019

With ever-increasing recreational choices competing for their time, your golfers today might not be there tomorrow. The G1 golf course management platform is driven to not only to create a seamless experience for the golfer, but also help golf courses streamline their business.The mobility of G1 is key, offering golf course operators the capability to manage their business from anywhere, anytime on the device of their choice. Watch the latest roundtable video to find out how operators are attracting new golfers with G1.

Watch the latest roundtable video to find out how operators are attracting new golfers with G1.

Instructor Plus drives more business

Drive more business with golf course instruction

May 15, 2019

Golf course operators under the impression that they can't afford an instruction program should take a closer look under the hood. Instruction can be good for business and have little effect on overall expenses. A capable golf instructor can help increase golfer engagement, attract new golfers, and drive additional revenue through lessons and equipment sales. Listen to our GOLF Business Solutions experts discuss how they've seen business boom by adding course instruction.

To learn more about how GOLF Business Solutions can streamline your instructors business, CLICK HERE.


Women's Golf Day

GOLF Business Solutions partners with Women's Golf Day

May 02, 2019

Supporting women in the game of golf

ORLANDO, Fla.(May 1, 2019) – Celebrating women in golf, GOLF Business Solutions has partnered with Women's Golf Day to support its June 4 event and the organization’s efforts that encourage women and girls to get more involved in the game.

"Our team works continually to provide solutions for our partners, and collaborating with Women's Golf Day to provide our partners with unique access is one of those solutions,” said Jeff Foster, senior vice president, GOLFNOW and Emerging Businesses. “Growing the game through increased female participation is good for everyone, and the attention we will help to create for this day is another step in the right direction. We hope to see hundreds of new golf facilities participating in 2019."   

As part of the partnership, GOLF Business Solutions will launch various marketing initiatives to encourage GOLFNOW's 7,000+ golf course partners to host Women’s Golf Day activities. Providing an incentive, registration fees will be waived for all GOLFNOW courses that utilize its Plus  service – a $79.99 value! All other GOLFNOW partner courses will be receiving a 20 percent registration discount.

Women’s Golf Day is a one-day, four-hour experience that is becoming a global movement. It combines golf with social and networking activities and allows every woman the opportunity to explore the various golf-related options in her local community. Over the past three years, the event has been hosted by more than 900 venues in 52 countries. It has engaged a community of more than 50,000 women. 

The rapid rise in the number of women playing golf isn’t just a trend. It's real evidence that women have become an important segment of the game – not only socially, but economically as well. Savvy golf course operators already know this and over time have taken steps to accommodate the needs and wants of the female golfer.

Courses utilizing Plus should contact their GOLF Business Solutions representative for directions on how to register for free.

Other GOLFNOW partner courses who wish to participate in Women’s Golf Day can click here for more information or register to host the event with the code GOLFNOW2019.  


NBC Sports Group Launches GOLF Business Solutions

NBC Sports Group Launches GOLF Business Solutions

Feb 28, 2019


Comprehensive Business Solutions from GOLFNOW, GOLF Advisor, Revolution GOLF, GOLF Academy, GOLF Am Tour Now Consolidated Under One Umbrella Brand

GOLF Business Solutions Website Launches Wednesday, Jan. 23, During PGA Merchandise Show

NBC Sports Group today announced that business services once offered separately by its GOLF brands portfolio will combine under one umbrella brand called GOLF Business Solutions. The new GOLF Business Solutions will be formally introduced at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show, displaying at booth #2173 and located adjacent to GOLF Channel’s Morning Drive stage.

As a comprehensive offering of solutions designed to help any business looking to connect with the sport of golf operate more efficiently and effectively, GOLF Business Solutions simplifies the way companies like GOLFNOW, GOLF Advisor, Revolution GOLF, GOLF Academy and GOLF Am Tour have previously served their partners. Once offered separately by each business, GOLF Business Solutions will provide the complete spectrum of services for virtually any need within golf, including technology and operations, brand management, advertising, sponsorships, event planning and management, content development, and more.

“GOLF Business Solutions is very much a customer-centric brand, built on the recognition and trust GOLF Channel has earned as an innovative leader within the golf industry for more than two decades,” said Jeff Foster, senior vice president, GOLF Business Solutions. “Whether you’re a supplier, instructor, resort operator or any business looking for a solution within golf, we’ve made GOLF Business

Solutions a destination that is relevant and purpose-built to support their business needs through best-in-class technology, marketing and services.”

One of the primary points of connection for customers of GOLF Business Solutions will be a new website, which has launched in beta, with an official debut on Wednesday, Jan. 23, in conjunction with the PGA Merchandise Show. Easily navigated, it will feature information on a broad spectrum of services relevant to various customer categories, including:

  • Golf Facilities: technology and operations, purchasing, consulting and support, marketing for golf courses, practice ranges and other off-course facilities.
  • Instructors: brand management, consulting, website design and management for golf instructors.
  • Suppliers: distribution, advertising, partnerships and content creation for product companies.
  • Golf Outings: event planning and management; marketing support for charity/fundraising and/or professional outings.
  • Hospitality & Tourism: operational support, technology and marketing support for resorts and other travel destinations.
  • Media: TV and digital exposure through partnerships, advertising, sponsorships, content integration.

GOLF Business Solutions’ website also will include The Index, featuring compelling and relevant business-to-business editorial content that will offer information, insight and thought leadership designed to help professionals working within the golf industry run their businesses more effectively and contribute toward their success.

This tailored content for golf industry professionals will include informational tips, best practices, online learning series, white papers, podcasts and video, including roundtable discussions featuring leaders from all segments of the industry.

About GOLF Business Solutions

GOLF Business Solutions is a complete spectrum of business-to-business services offered by the family of golf brands within the NBC Sports Group portfolio and managed by GOLF Channel. Building off the recognition and trust of the GOLF brand, the comprehensive offerings of GOLF Business Solutions are designed to meet virtually any need of businesses interested in investing in golf, helping them to become more efficient and effective. Included are services offered by GOLFNOW, GOLF Advisor, Revolution GOLF, GOLF Academy and GOLF Am Tour.

-NBC Sports Group-

Media Contact:

Dan Higgins
GOLF Communications

GOLF Advisor reveals most-anticipated ‘Best of’ list of the year

GOLF Advisor reveals most-anticipated ‘Best of’ list of the year

Feb 22, 2019

Top 50 Golf Courses in the U.S. Determined by Reviews from Recreational Golfers

This Year’s Top 50 List Includes Eight New Courses in the Top 10; 22 New Courses Overall

GOLF Advisor has revealed its annual list of Top 50 golf courses in the United States, the website’s most-popular and most-anticipated list determined by recreational golfers who shared their reviews throughout the year with the online destination for traveling golfers.

Unlike golf course rankings published by industry insiders who have access to golf courses the public may never have the opportunity to play, the GOLF Advisor Top 50  list is totally consumer driven – by recreational golfers, for recreational golfers. Ages, handicaps and budgets of golfers using the website run the gamut, so the more than 825,000 reviews GOLF Advisor has accumulated showcase the golf course characteristics that are the most important to avid golfers across the country, like pace of play, staff friendliness and value.

What makes GOLF Advisor’s Top 50 list unique and interesting is the potential for volatility year-to-year due to changes in consumer tastes. These swings can depend on a variety of factors – anything from course conditioning to new pricing. This year’s list includes eight new courses within the top 10 that were not included last year, and 22 new courses overall.

“This is our fifth Top 50 list since we launched GOLF Advisor in 2014 and the variety of our reviewers continue to evolve,” said Brandon Tucker, senior managing editor, GOLF Advisor. “While the list includes a sampling of bucket-list courses that are delivering on high golfer expectations, a large selection of the list features special, more reasonably priced courses that are excelling in their local or regional market.”

More than 2,800 golf courses of the 144,000-plus courses reviewed on GOLF Advisor in 2018 were considered, having received the minimum 10 reviews to qualify for the Top 50.

“Reading through the reviews, we are seeing evidence of reviewers choosing to book at a golf course based on what golfers like them have to say on GOLF Advisor about the total experience,” Tucker said.

Other lists released this week include:  Top 25 Most Improved Courses; Top 25 Courses Rated by Value; Top 25 Course Layouts in the U.S.; Top 25 Courses for Staff Friendliness; Top-Rated Courses for Pace of Play; Top 25 Courses Rated by Conditions; Top 25 Courses for off-course amenities; and Top Courses by state.

Below is GOLF Advisor’s list of Top 50 golf courses for 2018. An asterisk signifies a course which has never previously appeared on the list:

  1. Bethpage State Park/Black Course* – Farmingdale, N.Y.
  2. Atlantic City Country Club* – Northfield, N.J.
  3. Players Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass – Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
  4. Tobacco Road Golf Club* – Sanford, N.C.
  5. Pilgrims Run Golf Club – Pierson, Mich.
  6. Black Lake Golf Club* – Onaway, Mich.
  7. Yocha Dehe Golf Club at Cache Creek Casino Resort – Brooks, Calif.
  8. Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort/Snow Mountain Course – Las Vegas, Nev.
  9. Chariot Run Golf Club – Laconia, Ind.
  10. Mauna Lani Resort/South Course* – Kohala Coast, Hawaii
  11. Royal Manchester Golf Links – Mount Wolf, Pa.
  12. Pinehills Golf Club/Nicklaus Course* – Plymouth, Mass.
  13. Rams Hill Golf Club – Borrego Springs, Calif.
  14. Bear Slide Golf Club*- Cicero, Ind.
  15. Blackstone Golf Club – Marengo, Ill.
  16. World Woods Golf Club/Pine Barrens Course – Brooksville, Fla.
  17. Harbour Town Golf Links – Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  18. Seaview Golf Club – Bay Course* – Absecon, N.J.
  19. Kiva Dunes – Gulf Shores, Ala.
  20. Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort/Sun Mountain Course – Las Vegas, Nev.
  21. Ballamor Golf Club*- Egg Harbor Township, N.J.
  22. Barnsley Resort* – Adairsville, Ga.
  23. Waldorf Astoria Golf Club – Orlando, Fla.
  24. Fox Hopyard Golf Club* – East Haddam, Conn.
  25. Prairie Landing Golf Club* – West Chicago, Ill.
  26. Riverwood Golf Club – Port Charlotte, Fla.
  27. Indian Wells Golf Resort – Celebrity Course – Indian Wells, Calif.
  28. River Course at Sevierville Golf Club* – Sevierville, Tenn.
  29. Founders Course at Verrado Golf Club – Buckeye, Ariz.
  30. King and Bear Golf Course at World Golf Village* – St. Augustine, Fla.
  31. Royal Hylands Golf Club – Knightstown, Ind.
  32. Heron Glen Golf Course* – Ringoes, N.J.
  33. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club – Pawleys Island, S.C.
  34. The Links At Union Vale* – Lagrangeville, N.Y.
  35. White Horse Golf Club* – Kingston, Wash.
  36. Whirlwind Golf Club – Devil’s Claw – Chandler, Ariz.
  37. Maderas Golf Club – Poway, Calif.
  38. Lanier Islands Legacy Golf Course* – Buford, Ga.
  39. Harbor Links Golf Club at Sagamore Resort – Liberty, Ind.
  40. Quintero Golf Club – Peoria, Ariz.
  41. Seneca Hickory Stick Golf Club* – Lewiston, N.Y.
  42. Arrowhead Pointe Golf Course at Lake Richard B. Russell – Elberton, Ga.
  43. The Palmer Course at La Cantera Resort – San Antonio, Texas
  44. Pole Creek Golf Club – Tabernash, Colo.
  45. North Conway Country Club* – North Conway, N.H.
  46. Grand Cypress North/South/East – Orlando, Fla.
  47. English Turn Golf & Country Club – New Orleans, La.
  48. Trump National Doral Miami/Red Tiger* – Doral, Fla.
  49. TPC Myrtle Beach* – Murrells Inlet, S.C.
  50. University of Georgia Golf Course – Athens, Ga.

The GOLF Advisor online destination grew rapidly in 2018, expanding services for the avid traveling golfer, including the debut of a GOLF Channel series and the introduction of hosted golfing trips. User traffic to the website hit all-time highs for four consecutive months during the year.

About GOLF Advisor

GOLF Advisor is the ultimate digital destination for traveling golfers, who love to play, travel and learn more about how the sport of golf can be experienced around the world. Featuring more than 825,000 reviews of 14,000-plus golf courses, GOLF Advisor serves as a one-stop, customized experience for golfers of all levels to find honest recommendations from their peers – and to offer feedback of their own – about any golf course they play, anywhere, anytime. The GOLF Advisor portfolio also includes a GOLF Channel travel series, GOLF Advisor Round TripGOLF Advisor Getaways, which are premium travel experiences at world-class resorts and clubs; and GOLF Advisor Club, offering exclusive member benefits and perks. A veteran staff of award-winning writers provides complementary, expert editorial content about golf travel, architecture and history. GOLF Advisor also is home to the popular ”Best of” Lists generated each year from authentic golfer reviews.

-NBC Sports Group-

Featured photo: Bethpage State Park’s Black Course

Downloadable Resources

Chapter 6 - Procurement

The Playbook - Chapter 6

Feb 20, 2019

Time to think outside the procurement box

Group purchasing brings new profit possibilities to golf operations. Courses can stock up on products they already buy, as well as others they need at a significant cost savings. With significant cost savings and ability to earn points toward tech, satisfied golf courses see enough savings to make a difference. 

chapter 1

The Playbook - Chapter 1

Jan 17, 2019

Who doesn’t want to book more rounds and generate more revenue?

And while you’re at it, let’s solidify your position in your marketplace and start operating at peak efficiency. Private club, daily fee, municipal or resort course — all have the same goals in these competitive times. Finally, there’s one go-to source to help golf operations learn and activate best-practices throughout their operations.

The Playbook - Chapter 2

The Playbook - Chapter 2

Jan 17, 2019

Best practices for having the right product at the right time for the right price.

What started with the airline and hotel industries is spreading to restaurants, theaters … and golf courses. Dynamic pricing is the inventory strategy courses are using right now to maximize revenue.