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Industry Roundtable – Ratings and Reviews

To ensure your brand is properly communicated, having a ratings and reviews strategy is a critical component to your marketing mix. Hear more on this topic from a panel of industry experts in this Industry Roundtable video discussion.

Industry Roundtable – Unique demands on technology

Golf course operators around the world share common management practices, but have distinct and unique needs. Learn about some of the ways technology needs to serve operators to improve the customer experience, no matter where you are.

Operator Stories: Jon Scott, Gull Lake View Golf Club and Resort, Ride Agronomy

Learn how GOLF Business Solutions' Ride’s partnership with SynaTek is a win-win for everyone.

Industry Roundtable – Cloud Technology

Advancements in cloud-based technologies are helping more and more golf course operators approach their businesses differently these days. Hear all about it from industry experts in this GolfNow Industry Roundtable video.

Industry Roundtable – Dynamic Pricing

Adjusting price to market conditions can make great business sense. Hear from several industry experts about the benefits of dynamic pricing.

2018 PGA Show – Optimizing reservations

Golf industry insiders discuss the ins and outs of customer service and how it influences how many reservations a course books on a daily basis.

Professional golf course management

GolfNow insiders and industry professionals analyze the growth in multi-course operations; where is it happening, what does it mean?

Industry Roundtable introduction with Matt Adams

Bringing you a series of discussions featuring golf industry professionals exploring topics and key learnings to help you grow your business.